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About the firm


290 Garretson Avenue
Staten Island, NY 10305


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About Erin K. Colgan Law

Erin K. Colgan, P.C. is a Staten Island-based family law firm dedicated to working with individuals in the local community as they separate, divorce, and/or face another type of family legal problem.

We help clients minimize conflict as they navigate the Staten Island divorce and child custody Courts and plan for the impact of their divorce on their families as they determine and finalize the terms of divorce. Our team is known for its no-nonsense approach, an ability to clearly explain the legal process, and for giving the guidance needed to determine which legal path best suits their needs.

Strategy is an important consideration for those divorcing. At Erin K. Colgan Law, we excel in tailoring our representation to the type of divorce that each client decides is best for them. We evaluate viability of alternative dispute resolution options, and always strive to keep clients out-of-court using mediation or an uncontested divorce process. Both can help preserve marital assets and minimize the cost, time and anguish oftentimes associated with divorce. We do understand that in some cases a contested divorce and/or custody proceeding is unavoidable.

As a former prosecutor with the Richmond County District Attorney’s Office and a private divorce attorney for more than 15 years, Erin Colgan, Esq. has deep and broad experience in contested divorce and custody cases and other types of family litigation. Whether your divorce is amicable or contentious, mediated or litigated, our firm is prepared to provide representation that best meets your needs and desired outcomes.

We help our clients preserve and retain an equitable share of financial assets such as pensions/401(K)s, real estate, and businesses. Unlike most family law firms, we also offer pension valuations and prepare or assist in the development of Qualified Domestic Relations Orders (QRDO) providing divorcing parties with orders that apportion retirement benefits following divorce according to the terms of their divorce agreement. And, when needed, we help our clients connect with trusted professional resources to ease the emotional and financial impact of divorce and get the needed support in their transition to post divorce life, such as financial planners, life coaches, accountants and/or therapists.

Whether you are contemplating the prospect of divorce, are ready to file for a divorce, or have been served divorce papers and have questions, we can help.

Call us at 718-981-5505 to schedule a consultation with Erin K. Colgan, Esq., Staten Island’s premier divorce attorney and certified mediator.

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