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Divorce Mediation

Staten Island Divorce Mediation

Divorcing couples can find the legal process to be emotionally and financially draining – and slow moving! Every marriage is unique, and it is important to choose the type of divorce that works best for the family. At Erin Colgan Law, we educate our clients and coach them to select the type of divorce that best suits their needs, including mediation.

Marital mediation sometimes offers an easier, faster, and less costly alternative to uncontested or contested divorce. In mediation a neutral third party called the mediator helps the couple to resolve key issues surrounding their divorce and negotiate a mutually agreed upon divorce settlement.

As a certified mediator, Erin K. Colgan, Esq. offers Staten Island couples the option to divorce legally, more peacefully and privately using the mediation process.

Let’s face it, divorce is a stigmatic word. It evokes a range of emotions that commonly include fear, anger and painful feelings. Divorce is generally not a positive experience, but one that must happen if a spouse or both spouses want to end the marriage. At Erin Colgan Law we often suggest mediation to alleviate the sting and uncertainty from the divorce process.

When opting to mediate a divorce, both partners have consciously chosen to participate in a collaborative process that with the assistance of the mediator can result in a full settlement. As the mediator, Erin guides divorcing partners and parents through the process with a goal in mind; and in a way that encourages them to process their emotions and thoughts collaboratively. Thereby streamlining the divorce process in a way that minimizes hard feelings or added conflict. The process is designed to manage expectations for each spouse individually and identifies shared goals for everyone.

Throughout the mediation process, Erin coaches both partners and connects them to any needed additional professionals and resources needed to support them throughout and as they step into their next life chapter. Since 2004, Erin has successfully mediated hundreds of divorce cases in Staten Island.

Is Mediation The Right Choice For Me?

Although many divorcing couples have benefited from mediation, it is not for everyone! Mediation generally works when both partners want to end the marriage quickly, privately and/or with the least amount of conflict and family disruption possible.

As the mediator, Erin works to help parents through a difficult time and ameliorate their children’s lives to be more peaceful throughout the divorce transition. Because she has seen the harm sometimes caused by overly aggressive and high conflict divorce cases, Erin seeks opportunities to “dial down” any contact that could damage a child. In fact, she became a trained and certified mediator for this very reason!

The indelible mark of divorce is something that a child will carry permanently. Keep in mind that a child has no role in the family unit splitting apart, so, to respect the children’s mental and physical well-being by thoughtfully and thoroughly pursuing a peaceful divorce is something we always propose for evaluation during initial consultation to identify those who might benefit.

Erin is a former prosecutor in Richmond County and a trained litigator with many years of advocating for her clients in the courtroom. She has parlayed the knowledge and skills acquired, and transferred them to helping couples, step-by-step, to discuss division of assets and transition fairly and equitably to a post-divorce family. Throughout the mediation process, she reminds couples of their continued role and obligations as parents and advises her clients to hold the children’s best interest as the highest priority in resolving many difficult parenting issues.

What Should I Expect During Mediation?

During mediation, a couple can expect to discuss and resolve complex parenting schedules, agree on how to make day-to-day decisions, and determine how time with the children will be shared and the timing for introducing a new romantic partner into the family. Divorced families present challenges as many families have gone through trauma and difficulties before ever reaching our office. But, with the appropriate resources and sound advice of a skilled, neutral mediator, you can transition peacefully and process this divorce with the least amount of harm.

What does the Mediation Process Look Like?

Erin offers couples an informative initial consultation via Zoom to meet and determine if mediation is a good fit for them. If everyone agrees, then meetings on Zoom or in person can be scheduled immediately and the work can get started. Usually, a divorce mediation lasts between 3-6 sessions, although some can take longer if the issues are more complex. Because the process is collaborative and private, couples who choose mediation can avoid tens of thousands in legal fees.

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