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Pre/Post Divorce Guidance

Pre- and Post-Divorce Guidance

At Erin Colgan Law, pre- and post-divorce guidance is a hallmark of our comprehensive client care and transition support.

PRE-DIVORCE: We coach our clients to understand and how to prepare for a divorce, from changes at home or residence relocation to anticipating and preparing for the economic impact on their children and family members, as well as to business and personal financials. We have counseled hundreds of Staten Islander’s seeking divorce and believe that a case oriented holistic approach provides a stable, knowledgeable and community connected foundation for our clients to rely upon throughout the legal divorce process.

Being organized will help to make it easier on you when you and your spouse agree to divorce, so you are not overwhelmed with an urgent need to inventory, calculate, and deliver copies of documents that will be needed during divorce.

Navigating Divorce: A Pre-Divorce Checklist

  • Are both you and your spouse ready to divorce?
  • Inventory the marital assets – and debts. Include retirement plans and safe deposit boxes, inheritances, etc.
  • Is relocation of residence likely for either you, your spouse, and/or children?
  • Organize your financial paperwork and update your household budget to see a clear picture of your current financial situation.
  • Organize your household paperwork. For instance, copies of your children’s birth certificates, insurance documents, credit report, legal documents such as a prenuptial agreement etc.
  • Do you have a post-divorce plan or wish for your pets?
  • What accommodations are you likely to need from your job and/or day-to-day? Make a list now.
  • Can you manage a household budget?
  • Do you have a bank account or credit card in your name (alone)?
  • Ensure your privacy. Is your smartphone shared, or in your name alone?
  • Individual property owned before and during the marriage.

POST DIVORCE: Following receipt of one’s judgment of divorce and signed divorce agreement, the transition to a new or continuing domestic order begins. Our experience indicates that working with local professionals and community resources is a constant. In fact, our firm has developed a special program called “The Next Step”, which is designed to provide each client with guidance and support that is uplifting, to assist them as they create their new future. For instance, a non-bread winning spouse may benefit from developing fundamental financial literacy and instruction to manage personal finances following divorce. No matter the need, we can provide a client with post-divorce guidance and connect them with trusted local professionals and service providers, from realtors or financial advisors to coaches and therapists.

Contemplating Divorce?

If you are, and want to discuss your legal options with Erin K. Colgan, Esq., Staten Island’s premier divorce lawyer and certified mediator, call us at 718-981-5505 or schedule online.

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