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Testimonial by: Rachel D

Erin has gone above and beyond what any attorney would do for their client. I have been dealing with an extremely difficult legal situation to say the least. Erin has been with me from the very beginning even though this case seemed hopeless, she has brought me hope and has turned this case around 360 degrees for the better! She has devoted all her available time to my legal matter and has made me feel as if I were her only client! Not only has Erin been a tremendous attorney but I now, consider her to be a close friend and trusted confidant! I thank my lucky stars for people like Erin in this legal system! Keep fighting the good fight Erin!!!! TODAY WE WON THE CASE AND I AM SO ELATED THAT ERIN WAS BY MY SIDE TELLING ME TO BE QUIET WHEN I FELT LIKE SCREAMING! ERIN IS THE MOST COMPASSIONATE AND MORE IMPORTANTLY IS A VERY LOGICAL DECISION MAKER AND NEVER LETS THE EMOTIONAL SIDE GET THE BEST OF HER OR HER CLIENTS!!!!!! THANKS ERIN YOU TOUCHED MY HEART AND MADE ME BELIEVE THAT THERE IS JUSTICE OUT THERE!!! I RECOMMEND ERIN TO REPRESENT YOU ! YOU WILL BE IN GREAT HANDS !!! XO XO

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