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What our clients say about us

James M

I am NYC Firefighter living on Staten Island. I have faced many adversities in my career but nothing more daunting then going thru a divorce and custody battle. Erin Colgan is a superior fierce attorney who helped me achieve all my goals beyond what i could expect. She literally saved my life. Erin has vast knowledge of the NYC Fire dept inner workings which without doubt helped my cause. I strongly recommend Erin Colgan!!!!


I highly recommend Erin. She is a great lawyer, and has years of experience.

Chris M

Erin is amazing at what she does.I am so greatful for her services and guidance. I highly recommend her over all.

Alexandra I

very helpful, informative, patient,knowledgeable, and is the best lawyer I have had so far. I would refer Ms. Colgan to anyone who is in need of assitance.

Gianna K

I had such a great experience with Erin ! She was kind professional n very honest ! She was not a typical lawyer that was just out for the money ! She actually cared !! I was very happy with the outcome !!!

Rachel D

Erin has gone above and beyond what any attorney would do for their client. I have been dealing with an extremely difficult legal situation to say the least. Erin has been with me from the very beginning even though this case seemed hopeless, she has brought me hope and has turned this case around 360 degrees for the better! She has devoted all her available time to my legal matter and has made me feel as if I were her only client! Not only has Erin been a tremendous attorney but I now, consider her to be a close friend and trusted confidant! I thank my lucky stars for people like Erin in this legal system! Keep fighting the good fight Erin!!!! TODAY WE WON THE CASE AND I AM SO ELATED THAT ERIN WAS BY MY SIDE TELLING ME TO BE QUIET WHEN I FELT LIKE SCREAMING! ERIN IS THE MOST COMPASSIONATE AND MORE IMPORTANTLY IS A VERY LOGICAL DECISION MAKER AND NEVER LETS THE EMOTIONAL SIDE GET THE BEST OF HER OR HER CLIENTS!!!!!! THANKS ERIN YOU TOUCHED MY HEART AND MADE ME BELIEVE THAT THERE IS JUSTICE OUT THERE!!! I RECOMMEND ERIN TO REPRESENT YOU ! YOU WILL BE IN GREAT HANDS !!! XO XO

Judith C

Erin suggested that we use mediation, as opposed to trying to fight out my divorce in court. Like most divorces, mine was ugly and painful and there was a lot of anger. Erin was able to bring my ex and I together in a professional and empathetic meeting and sort things out as amicably as possible. She saved us so much heartache (and legal fees!) that a court battle would have brought. I highly recommend her firm.

Alexis N

Erin was a pleasure to work with! She listened to all my concerns and guided me in the right direction. She had my best interests in court and stood up for me, helping me to get what I was achieving for. I would definitely recommend her to a friend. When I am ready to go back to court again to further my case, I will definitely use her!

Lorna C

I had an issue come up that needed immediate attention and a lawyer. Erin went out of her way at the last minute to help me and become my lawyer and handle my issue. Everything was done above board and quickly and she was there for every question I had and made sure she was available to me for anything and everything.. Highly highly recommend her. She was not only my lawyer but after, she became a friend as well.

Gina K

Erin Colgan is extremely experienced and talented. She has compassion and will always guide you in your own best interest. I highly recommend Erin Colgan. She helped me at my lowest times with grace and dignity while staying true to the law and what I was entitled to. Erin carries herself with grace and knows how to get her point across when the other side is being difficult and untruthful. This attorney is not your average attorney, she goes beyond and above for all her clients. Big plus, she cares about how your legal fees are spend. Again, not the average attorney. Thank you Erin for all you have done for me and my children.


Erin Colgan is a amazing attorney!
I am very thankful for everything she has done for me. She has listened to all my concerns and prepared me for what to expect.
Thank you Erin for everything!

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