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Uncontested Divorce

Staten Island Uncontested Divorce

For many, navigating divorce can feel overwhelming, fraught with complicated considerations and decisions. Starting a new life chapter in the process can feel daunting, especially if you and your spouse have lived a shared life for a long time.

However, couples who reside in New York and agree on all issues may find a smoother, easier path to separation and divorce through an uncontested divorce or through divorce mediation. These issues include division of financial assets and debts, division of real property and other types of personal property, child custody and care, and spousal support.

Because New York is a no-fault divorce state, either party may file for divorce without a requirement to prove the other spouse was at fault for ending of the marriage. For couples that agree on all issues, uncontested divorce oftentimes offers a faster, less costly, and less emotionally draining type of divorce for all parties than contested or “high conflict” divorce.

At Erin Colgan Law, we have extensive experience in all types of divorce, including uncontested, mediation, and high conflict divorce cases. Our team offers the knowledge and resources to help you understand your legal options and has an ability to accommodate the type of divorce that best suits your situation and goals. We help you to formulate a divorce strategy to protect your interests, preserve marital assets, and help you to navigate the right path to end your marriage in the most efficient and least unpleasant way. Our holistic approach includes integrated support through pre- and post-divorce guidance to connect you with local professionals to help you transition to post-divorce life.

Are you considering divorce or separation? Let the Staten Island team at Erin Colgan Law help you to understand the legal process and your options. For a confidential consultation, call our Staten Island office today at 718-981-5505.

What is Divorce Mediation?

If you and your spouse do not agree on all issues yet seek to avoid the more time consuming and financially draining contested divorce proceeding, divorce mediation may offer an attractive option. This alternative dispute resolution process involves both spouses working with a Mediator, a neutral third party, to negotiate and generate agreement as to the major issues. In New York, mediation can offer numerous advantages to uncontested and contested divorce, such as cost savings, better and faster resolutions to major decisions, and because both spouses work collaboratively and have more control over the outcome of their divorce, better resolution is achievable. To learn more about mediation, click here.

Do You Need an Attorney to Handle Your Staten Island Uncontested Divorce?

Filing for divorce for divorce can seem straightforward but is oftentimes more complicated and time-consuming than it seems. You need a skilled Staten Island divorce attorney to help you weigh your legal options and choose the type of divorce that best suits your goals.

At Erin Colgan Law, we are committed to offering you our full attention and dedicated service. We understand how difficult divorce can be for you and your family. We aim to give you sound legal advice and compassionate support. We also want to help you achieve the most positive result possible.

Contact Erin Colgan, Esq., Staten Island’s Premier Divorce Attorney and Certified Mediator Today

Are you considering separation or divorce from your spouse, and wonder what your options are? Call our office today to set up a consultation to discuss your situation with Erin K. Colgan, Esq., Staten Island’s premier divorce attorney and certified mediator at 718-981-5505. Or, Request a Consultation using the below form.

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